New Classes Start Every 6 Weeks!
New Classes - June 29, 2015
Monday Evenings
6:30 PM Ballroom "Rhythm" Sampler

Rumba, Cha Cha & East Coast Swing

(Prerequisite - None, beginner level)

Beginner level for the fun, upbeat, party dances. In six weeks you will learn several steps in each of these dances. You'll be up on the dance floor looking confident quickly. This is a great class for those that have never danced before but want the a dance that moves and has plenty of excitement.

Cha Cha - This dance has wide application because cha cha music is popular in all music genres, including country, funk, and hip-hop. Popular mainstream artists such as Santana, Marc Anthony, and Jennifer Lopez are putting out great cha cha music. This is a party dance!
Six Weeks Series (50 minutes per class)
Pay on the first class
- No refunds or credits for missed classes
Classes are designed in a series format so that you can build on material from week to week.
Call or E-mail to reserve your spot in the class!
Attire: Casual comfortable clothing, Wear comfortable shoes, that will stay on your feet well.  Shoes that have a smooth sole, such as leather are best. Please do not wear shoes with black rubber soles. For your safety: No tennis shoes, sandals or flip flops please.
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