5:30 PM - Zumba - $5 pp
This class is lots of fun, high energy music. No contracts, only $5 per class!
New Classes Start Every 6 Weeks!
New Classes - August 11, 2014
Monday Evenings
7:00 PM - Latin Sampler
Salsa / Merengue / Bachata

(Prerequisite - None, beginner level)

Salsa is hot - You see it being done everywhere. It's the most popular of the social dances being dance currently. We introduce the steps and patterns, making it easy for you to be successful.

The name "salsa" correctly describes the flavor of this dance: hot! Danced correctly, there's a lot of shakin', shimmying, and hip action going on. Don't be deterred - you can learn how to achieve all of this action. The basic step of salsa can be accomplished with less than 10 minutes of practice.

Merengue - The old saying is that if you can walk, you can dance the Merengue. With one step taken to each beat of music, dancing the Merengue is like marching, and it's just about as easy. Add "Cuban motion" hip action, and this easy dance also becomes sexy. Hundreds of dance figures are possible and just about anything goes in Merengue.

Bachata - This dance was born in the Dominican Republic and we teach you how to achieve the important Latin body action so that you can dance with true Dominican style.

8:00 PM - West Coast Swing
Level Three

This dance consists of six and eight count patterns, which are done in a slot. The woman no longer rocks back as in the East Coast Swing, but instead she always walks forward on count one. This dance is uaually done to medium tempo swing music; frequently slower than ECS. This dance has no bounce and a very smooth feel.

The West Coast swing has been referred to as a "living dance" due to the fact that it is constantly evolving with contemporary music. In recent years, it has changed dramatically with musicality becoming more essential to the dance genre. It is one of the most innovative dance genres because it allows the dancer a lot of freedom of expression since it is based on two count rhythm units. It is unique as a dance genre due to its form of call and response between the lead and follow creating a dialogue between the dancers.

Six Weeks Series (50 minutes per class)
Pay on the first class
- No refunds or credits for missed classes
Classes are designed in a series format so that you can build on material from week to week.
Call or E-mail to reserve your spot in the class!
Attire: Casual comfortable clothing, Wear comfortable shoes, that will stay on your feet well.  Shoes that have a smooth sole, such as leather are best. Please do not wear shoes with black rubber soles. For your safety: No tennis shoes, sandals or flip flops please.
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